Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parked Car Karma

There is an ugly maroon, banged up sedan parked squarely in front of our house that has been there for almost two weeks. I was out front when some odd man told me it broke down and he would retrieve it in 24 hours, that was 12 days ago. I called the County TWICE who told me they would come and get it and did not. However I did  speak with a very reassuring woman who hoped there was not a dead body in the back of it (yes, she did say that). The police came today after we called the non-emergency line and checked it out. Basically the guy lives a few miles away and just parked it there for whatever reason and has not returned. The officer was going to drive to his house to check it out but there TECHNICALLY are no laws about people parking in front of your home because it is public property.

Here is why I am wasting my time writing about this. It is driving me INSANE. I look out the window in the morning and see that piece of junk and I want to take Cole's baseball bat and knock out the windows. I know this is a lesson for me from the universe. Because I can become obsessive about things. I have this tendency to dwell on matters that aggravate me and they grow out of control until either one day the situation ceases to exist or I blow. I think it is a family curse.

So, what to do? In the big picture of life, this is nothing. Meaningless. Miniscule. There are people going through far worse tragedies and why do I waste my energy on thoughts of finding this man and kicking him in the balls? I was listening to author Lynn Grabhorn speak the other night about energy levels. Energy follows thought, so if you are emitting negative thought you are vibrating at a negative frequency, thus, ALL you will attract are negative circumstances.  Think about it, isn't it true that you have those days that just start out bad and get perpetually worse? If I continue to let this bother me, I will remain in this negative frequency and have stupid things happen, like spilling my paint can or locking myself out of the house, because that is all I am attracting are these negative cirumstances. OR I can change my thoughts to positive thinking and I will start to attract happiness and positive circumstances into my life. Law of attraction. What you think about, comes about.

So I am changing my frequency, kicking it up a notch. Sending out radio waves of love. Maybe when I wake up in the morning the car will be gone. (If not, I had Brian hide the baseball bats.)

Here are some photos that bring me happy thoughts...

Love & Light,


The boys playing cards at Great Wolf Lodge.

Brian making homemade bread today. I LOVE these shots.

Spring is almost here. These are my favorite flowers.

Flower photos in memory of my Grandpa, to which I now see why he took SO many flower pictures. You try to capture their beauty, their smell, their lively hood in a single photo.

The NEW obsession. Battle Force 5.

The finished product.

Awesome. With homemade lasagna. I am TRULY thankful for my hubby!


  1. Time to decorate the car. A few flower pots perhaps. Or, have the boys paint the windows with water colors. Can't hurt!

  2. That is a GREAT idea. That would have made for great photographs!!! But believe it or not the power of positive thought, it is GONE!! Hug Amy for me. I miss her like crazy! I am trying to find Amy flowers to photograph for her.