Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Being Second...

I always thought the first born child bore the brunt of the hardships in the family. They set the standard for all ensuing children. They are the guinea pigs of anxious new parents. They have to protect and put up with annoying younger siblings. Therefore, as a first born, I always felt empathetic to all my comrades who have had to endure such hardships. (Smile). HOWEVER... lately I am starting to see my youngest, second born son really start to get the raw end of the deal on A LOT of things. And subsequently, I am starting to feel a little sorry for my younger sister.

Here are just a FEW examples:

6. CARTOONS~ Nolan did not have the luxury of watching Sesame Street or Elmo because when he reached the age in which those were exciting, Cole was already onto older cartoons. So Nolan was forced to skip all the cute, loving toddler shows and start with older cartoons like BattleForce 5 and Star Wars. Instead of wanting the Tickle Me Elmo doll for Christmas, he begged for a Darth Vader bobble head.

5. SONGS~ Cute baby songs. You know, the ones you play in utero to your first born. The classical music as infants followed by all the nursery rhyme songs that your first born knows by heart. By the time your second child is born, those classical tunes are haunting your dreams, on repeat in your  head and if you have to play them in the car one more time you may drive straight into a pole. So the only classics your second child listens to are Aerosmith or Bon Jovi.

4. FRIENDS~ After doing numerous play dates with your first child you have pretty much established a group of core friends who have kids the age of your first born. So your second child plays with the older kids and lucks out if they have a younger sibling.

3. LANGUAGE & GUNS~ Just writing this, I heard Nolan say Crap-head and  Poop-face while chasing Cole throughout the house with a gun saying he was going to shoot him dead. Let's just say when Cole was 2 years old, if he had done any of the above I would have passed out.

2. VIGILANCE~ Remember how cautious you were with your first child? Never going near other sickly kids, discouraging rough play in the house and bundling them up in snow suits in any weather under 50 degrees? Nolan jumps from the top of the couch into a pile of pillows two feet high, he runs outside without shoes in 4o degree weather and we brave the Children's Museum during flu season.

1. HAND ME DOWNS~ Enough said. If you have the same gender child the second time around, they pretty much wear everything secondhand. From clothes to shoes to toys. And yes, poor kid, even underwear!

Brian says Nolan is lucky. He was the third boy.

But I will tell you this. Cole is the first person Nolan asks for in the morning and the last person he wants to kiss before bed. They are best friends, playmates and partners in crime. He has someone to share his life with, to call and complain about his parents with, talk about girls with, to count on no matter what. Yah, that's not such a raw deal after all.

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from this weekend.

Laura's trees.

There are a family of crows that live in the woods next to us. They squawk to each other all day.

Planting a garden

My crazy boys...

Worms. We must have found a hundred of them!

Spring is here...

Brian, watching March Madness...


  1. From the looks of Brian, it doesn't look like his bracket is going well:(

  2. The younger and the older have their advantages and disadvantages but as you have discovered, they are there for each other. I love the bit of Spring you are passing our way. It is snowing again today. I'd love to walk through Maymont Love, Paula

  3. SNOW? I am sending you our sunshine! The blossoms can't be too far behind! I wish you were all here at Maymont too! Thanks for all your and Steve's kind words and support. Sending you guys love! Stacy