Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Birds

We have a bird feeder that I can see when I look out the kitchen window. I like that I can be immersed in a sink full of two day, food-caked dishes and glance up to see a bright red cardinal, an occasional blue bird or hear the obnoxious blue jay as he knocks off all the little birds. Sometimes I just stand there and watch. The cardinals are probably our biggest customers and this has given me ample opportunity to study them.

I have noticed a few things about the cardinals. They travel in pairs, always. If you see the male bird, the female is typically in the adjacent tree or the bush below. They talk to each other all the time. The female may be at the feeder and the male sitting across on the porch chair and they chirp back and forth. I wonder what they are saying. Are they watching each other's backs for predators? ("Watch out for the those two crazy boys, they have those light sabers again.") Singing sweet nothings to each other? ("Hey chicky, you are looking fly today.") Or is the male shouting, "Hey bring me the good stuff, none of that sunflower crap." I have also seen them feed each other. If I am still and the house is quiet, I can hear the female cracking the seeds and see her feed the male. The male returns the favor to his mate and sometimes they both sit together eating.

I feel like the cardinal sends messages to me about love. About how we take care of our spouse or partner. How we feed each other, how we communicate, how no matter where one is, you will find the other close by. I once saw something that broke my heart. (Warning, I made one of my girlfriends cry with this story). I was driving the boys to school and a female cardinal  had been hit by a car in the middle of the road. And what truly made me lose it was the male cardinal that stood right by her, he did not move for oncoming vehicles. He was mourning the loss of his love.

When I see cardinals they remind me of the need to feed each other's soul, to watch each other's backs and to never drift too far apart. And that love is universal.

Love & Light,


The BIG fat bees on our holly bushes out front.

This screams POISON IVY!

We are lucky to have this wooded lot next to us. A boy's play land.

Here is the male. The female was right below him but flew away before I got a photo.

Pretty in Pink.

The trees in Laura's backyard. They are SO lovely. The photo does not even come close to capturing their beauty.

What it looks like to lay on your back and look up.


  1. These photos are spectacular! You definitely captured it!!! Beautiful!

  2. Love the first two photos! Spectacular!