Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letters to My Friends

I opened up the mailbox this morning to find letters that Cole addressed to some of his friends.  He must have put them out for the mailman before school. It made me smile so I took a photo of it. There is something about hand written letters that just makes me happy. I have saved MANY of my favorite letters from various people throughout the years. I have every letter Brian and I wrote to each other in college, letters from my parents on special occasions, notes from my grandparents, family members and girlfriends. I have family and friends that I know their handwriting by heart and just seeing their unique print on the envelope makes me miss them.

When I take the time to sit down and write someone, I have that person in mind while choosing the words to write and the sentiment behind them. This is a feeling that e-mails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, all seem to lack. I hope Cole continues to enjoy writing his friends and still jumps for joy (or at least cracks a smile) when he gets a letter in return.

Love & Light,


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