Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello Wide Angle...

So my NEW wide angle lens came in the mail yesterday. I thought about hugging the UPS guy, but decided not to.  The lens is my birthday present for the next 5 birthdays! It cost more than the body of my camera. Brian was NOT thrilled with me. But, I did get a really cool job taking photos of BEAUTIFUL custom kitchens and a nice wide angle lens IS a necessity. Or so, this was the story I was telling Brian. I took the new baby out to test drive her today. It is amazing the perspective a different lens will give you. With a different type of  lens, you have to learn to position yourself differently, to see the photo with an alternative view, to get to know what type of shots are most flattering with that style lens.

And of course that got me thinking about life. How we each have our own internal lenses we use throughout our lives and in our everyday interactions. Sometimes we need a macro lens to be close up, paying attention to fine detail. Other times, it is better to keep our distance, using our telephoto lens. Some days, we need to look at things from a bigger perspective using our wide angle lens, and then we may need to use our prime lens meaning our focal length is fixed we are not changing (zooming in or out) how we feel about something. What makes it even more interesting is that we are constantly interacting with people who are using totally different lenses than us and if you put a group of people in a room to photograph the same red apple, each photo would be unique. Various angles, viewpoints, hue and color.

So, here's hoping your life's camera bag is full of a variety of lenses. And if you find yourself primarily using one lens for most shots, try taking another one out and seeing how cool it is to view the same scene through a different lens.

Love & Light,


This gives you an idea how WIDE the lens is.

Hello wide angle. A whole new playground perspective.

We discovered this new secret spot today.


  1. It makes Cole look bigger!!! You should of hugged the UPS guy! I know Joey would have loved it:)