Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beat that Wonder Woman

Many amazing things happen to a woman's body when she becomes pregnant. Beautiful and thick, shiny hair. Strong, chip-restistant finger nails. A voluptuous body with a glow to boot! And a sense of smell that would put smoke detectors out of business. I could sniff out smoke, gasoline or any cigarette, cigar or any illegal substances two blocks away. I could name perfumes worn on the women across the mall and tell you what type of food the neighbors were cooking for dinner. I loved having all these superpowers!

However, a year post-partum I was sad to report that my hair all fell out and was clogging up my drain. My beautiful nails, chipped and broken. And that voluptuous body? Well lets just say after breast feeding for a year, I had the bust size of a middle schooler. Ah, but ALL is not lost because my sense of smell, it is stronger than ever. Brian still shakes his head at me whenever I say I smell gasoline or that I KNOW there is something dead under the deck. And not to be TOO graphic but I know my own kid's smell from across the room. I have friends who I swear have their own scent. You could blindfold me and line up my friends and family members and I would be able to identify each of them on scent alone.

Now if I had to choose superpowers, a keen sense of smell would not have been my first choice. I mean, I would rather fly or be able to become invisible but I will take what I can. And today after swearing I have smelled urine for a week in the laundry room to which Brian said I was crazy, I found a urine saturated diaper lying next to the dryer (for God knows HOW long). But I knew it. I saved the day with my superhero smelling power. Beat that Wonder Woman!

Love & Light,


I did not take ANY photos today. (Gasp...) So here are some cute kiddos from a few months ago.

(Hugs to my friend Amy who is pregnant. Enjoy your superhero pregnant powers. Love and miss you.)

Wonder Woman's Kryptonite... Fries.

These guys are up to NO good.

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  1. Love your shout out:) However, I am not feeling very wonder womanly lately! I am an hormonal mess, with red spots all over my right side (and spreading....) and my hair is already falling out! Whats that they say about baby girls taking their moma's beauty????