Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Psychology Behind Seinfeld

Brian and I joke that you can somehow link every life situation to a Seinfeld episode. At least once a week something happens to me that references some piece of a quirky skit from that iconic series. I love Seinfeld. I love how the characters react to circumstances in such a raw, unfiltered way that I sometimes think about doing if it was deemed socially appropriate. There is just something comforting in watching a "show about nothing".

Seinfeld is kind of like the Yankees. If you like watching them, you instantly bond with anyone else who is a fan. You just throw out an infamous quote and you are best friends (slight exaggeration but you know they have a good sense of humor).  In retrospect, we all have a little of each of these characters in us, or at least I do. Some days I feel more George than Jerry, or more Kramer than Elaine. But the bottom line is, we can see humor in their folly thus prompting us to see it in our own.

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,


The photo below I entered in the Joy of Love Day 15 prompt~ Kiss...

Nolan took my tripod and carried it around today. He was making Cole pose for the tripod camera... It was hilarious.

 My new SHORT haircut...

Below is the photo I entered for the Joy of Love Day 14 ~ Jewelry.


  1. LOVE the pics. Especially your new cut & your sassy expression in that shot. Cute!!!!