Monday, February 7, 2011


Day 7 of the 28 Day class through, is entitled Generations.

Here is the photo I posted.

This book has been in my father's family for over 100 years. Written in Polish and translated in English as The Third Book to Read for Elementary Schools in America... I had Cole place his hand over the book to represent generations.

I LOVE old books... I may never read them but just opening the book, I feel like it holds magic or spirits of some sort. You never  know where they have been or who held them in their hands. I feel the same about antique stores. Sometimes I swear if you stand still in the quiet of antiques, a unique energy floats throughout the room. I remember when we went to Rome and walked through the Coliseum. I told Brian that I had such a nauseous feeling throughout that tour. I know that terrible deaths occurred there and it almost felt haunting to me. Sometimes I can smell cigarette smoke when there are no smokers around and I think my grandfather must be there or a feeling of an overwhelming presence of my grandmother like she is standing right beside me. I think we are always receiving signs like this, but we question our sanity or our minds are too full with laundry lists to notice.

Serendipity does not exist. It is all the will of something larger than us and signs surround us are EVERYWHERE...

Love & Light,


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