Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This little girl has had SO many people praying for her and sending love. After spending many weeks at St. John's Hopkins Hospital, Elsie was diagnosed with having a unique genetic disorder. Despite everything she has been through and continues to go through, she is a strong, beautiful little girl, with a FULL head of dark wavy hair. Her parents have strength beyond words and continue to not only give the BEST of care for Elsie but their sweet 5 year old son, Harold, too. Keep sending them love!

Here are some pictures of Elsie...

Love & Light,


Below is my Joy of Love~ Day 8 photo entry entitled the Gift of Love. These are a few of my favorite pendants Brian has given me throughout our years together.


  1. Beautiful pictures- so pure and lovely! Hope she is going to be okay.

  2. Stacy,
    Thank you for sharing these pictures. Elise is so beautiful, and you've done an incredible job of capturing her strength and grace. What a tremendous gift you've given the Baker family, their precious baby girl, and all of us who love them. Thank you again. God bless you....Allyson Yarbrough Clay (Melanie's college roommate)

  3. Allyson, Thank you for your kind post. I really appreciate it. Elsie is so beautiful and a bright light! I loved taking her photos... I will take more as she gets older so Melanie can share them with her friends and family. Thank you again, Stacy