Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dirty Laundry...

I did not take ANY photos today. Yes, it is true. I cleaned my house. REALLY cleaned it. Not just picking up, not just shoving EVERY thing in the closet but actually spraying windex and wiping windows with finger and dog nose prints that have been on there since, well... a long time. My in-laws are staying with us through the weekend and although I know they would not care if my house was a disaster, I felt I at least needed to do SOME of the laundry spilling out into the hallway and down the steps. I know everyone else in the family was accustomed to just stepping over it but I don't want our guests to be tripping over dirty underwear.

So I am airing my dirty laundry, so to speak... I don't separate my clothes I throw them all in the same load. Whites, delicates, colors, dry clean only, they all go in together. And often the load is SO big the washer starts banging and I have to race to the top of the steps to get the lid up before it blows. And sorting clothes? It just feels like a waste of time. Aren't we going to just get them out of the drawers again? Why not just keep pulling them out of the basket? Do we even need dressers? For that matter, why do we make our beds? Aren't we going to just mess them up? Or hey, why bathe or get dressed? Aren't we going to just get dirty and end up in our pajamas? Why not just stay in our pajamas and then it would seriously cut down on the amount of laundry we need to do to begin with.

WHEW... That is what happens when you clean with bleach AND ammonia in a small windowless bathroom. You start thinking crazy.

I am digging up a few old photos to post and promise to get the camera out tomorrow. (Looking at these photos makes me smile, but also helps me to see how I have grown in my photography skills.)

Love & Light,


Cole & Bri, Summer 2006

Jaxon, Cole & Tye...Thanksgiving 2006

This is the photo I entered for Joy of Love~ Day 24... Where we met. Brian's & my hometown. This is the airport. I took this last summer.

Cole & myself, he was under a year here.

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  1. Even though I still live here, I took a picture just like this. There is just something about the big "Dansville" sign!