Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Maddie...

(WARNING: Trying to follow my train of thoughts may be slightly nausea provoking. Do not read if pregnant or unable to ride roller coasters without vomiting.)

I was running this morning and had my keys tucked inside of my jacket. My ipod was blaring but I could still hear the jingling sound the keys made with each footstep. This noise sounded like a dog behind me causing me to keep looking over my shoulder. This reminded  me of a Yoga principle I learned in teacher training years ago. It basically states that our minds percieve things that aren't real yet we interpret them to be so and respond in fear. Like the keys making me think a dog was behind me causing me to continue to turn around and look, out of fear. Or a few times I have mistaken a rope or a piece of a tire to be a snake and I jumped, creating fear out of something that was not even there. So the lesson is to not allow our ego minds to trick us into creating these fears, because they are NOT real, causing us unnecessary stress.

So here is where the irony appears. As I was thinking this, I heard a LOUD bark and I turned to see a DOG coming at me FULL speed. I am not talking a Paris Hilton little rat dog, but a GIANT Turner and Hooch like dog and he was GROWLING. I stopped, I held up my arms to my face, because if he was going to attack me, better lacerations in my arms than my nose. His owner finally came out after what seemed an eternity of him circling me in the middle of the road. She calls, "Maddie, Maddie, come here Maddie." No apologies, no explanations of why this beast was running loose. The dog reluctantly comes to her and she says, "Bad Maddie, Bad Maddie," in a voice that sounded like she was speaking baby talk to an infant. I wanted to shake her... I once had a dog come at me while I was running and the owner said it was because I was wearing a baseball hat. I was thinking, I don't care if I was dressed as a giant milk bone, your dog should not come out charging at me.

And yes, it is not very Yoga like to lose your temper or be so sarcastic. But I am working on it. Just not today.

Here are some fun photos.

Love & Light,


Creed dog, despite his neurosis, would wag his tail and sunbathe as runners pass by.

Cole reading his version of Go Dog Go...

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