Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Ten Year Stupidity Clause

I would like to propose a new amendment to the Constitution. A clause, that under the Freedom of Speech states that you have a right after doing or saying something stupid to no longer have it brought to your attention after ten years has passed from that said event. This would prevent many of us from having to relive stupid things we have done over and over with our relentless siblings, unforgiving friends and spouses, and parents with steel trap memories.

I write this because no matter how old I get, when visiting family and old friends, I continue to get ridiculed for strange past boyfriends, cheating at board games (which I think I did once in 7th grade), embellishing stories (okay, I admit to that), ONCE spending an entire paycheck on scratch off lottos tickets in college, and YES (to my sister & husband) had a BIG emotional melt down on my 27th birthday. And... if my family brings up ONE more Christmas about how in 6th grade, I slam-dunked the Baby Jesus Doll into the manger when I was portraying Mary in the school play, they will not receive ANY gifts. (And to be clear, I do not recall dunking the doll. But it was fairly obvious I did NOT make a good Mary).  But PLEASE, how long must I be branded as a board game cheating, paycheck gambling, baby dunking, birthday ruining, drama queen? Especially since most of these episodes happened in my teens?

I am adopting the new Ten Year Stupidity Clause. I will not hold my friends, family or spouse accountable for any stupid thing they may have done ten years prior. And I am not the only one with a LONG list of cringe worthy behaviors. But isn't that what makes us human and gives us character?

So to my sister, Brian and a few friends that had the pleasure of my company that emotionally laden 27th birthday, you have ONLY 2 more years to recall my crazy behavior before the clause goes in to effect, so live it up. Then you will only be able to pick on me for mistakes I am making now. Which will still give you plenty of of good material, I am sure.

Here are some cool photos from today.

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A Play Dough kind of day.

Nolan Eats the Play-dough...

Self Portrait


  1. dang, I wish I had gotten in some more comments about you cheating at board games a lot sooner, because you DEFINITELY did that. You hated to lose and would do anything to prevent it!!

  2. You were just mad because I would ALWAYS beat you at Monopoly! I think there are times we would play for 4 hours at ONE game!! Miss you! :)

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts Scuz... Hope you're doing well