Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mac Attack

I left  my Macbook at my Mom's house in North Carolina.  I am embarrased to say that I teared up when I realized it. The past few months my Canon, my Mac and my Lightroom editing software have been really good friends. (Can you say that about electronic devices?) It is true, once you go Mac, you never go back. I am typing on Brian's PC and feeling very bitter about it. (Yes, I am now a Mac snob...)

My history with technological devices is not pretty. I can finally admit publically that a few months ago I left my camera outside in the rain with a brand new lens on it. I was photographing the kids and got distracted. The camera lay hanging on the fence, overnight, in a rainstorm. I was able to salvage the lens but not the body. My graduation from undergrad in Oneonta, Brian bought me this beautiful camera. I dropped it, that same day. It never worked again.  I have run over my cell phone with the car (twice), and don't even ask me how to reconnect the Wii.

Brian blames my technological ignorance on lack of patience. I have been known to take a butter knife to the DVD player because it would not open. I have a friend who swears that people with certain energy fields have problems with electronic devices. She walks by a computer and it freezes, I have similar problems. Brian won't let me near his cell phone or work computer. As I use his computer now, he keeps glancing over at me.

So I will never work for the Geek Squad. And I am okay with this. But I can take a decent photograph, I can do a few yoga poses, I can change a diaper in under ten seconds and I play a mean game of Go Fish. Beat that Bill Gates!

Here is a (unedited) photo from this morning.  Mom is mailing my Mac, keep your fingers crossed it arrives!

Love & Light,


Cousins and BEST buddies...


  1. Recently read Walking Wisdom by Gotham Chopra with Depak Chopra. Isn't he your Guru? Anyway, it's a great read I think you'll enjoy if you've not already.

  2. you and Sharon - she can mess up electronics by simply being in the room! it's a wonder she's been able to learn and use as much as she does! And yes, Mac rules!!!