Friday, January 14, 2011

Free For All Friday

Today I surrendered to my tornado stricken house and decided to just let the boys run wild. There are days I am as sick of hearing myself repeatedly say, "We need to clean up", as they are to hear it. So I let them pull out every bowl in the cabinets, finger paint a whole roll of paper, make blueberry muffins and eat the batter with their fingers and pull off every couch pillow to jump on. I even told Cole he could use his Dad's tools to "build" outside (Brian does not know about this yet). Basically as long as they were not setting fires or sniffing drano, I allowed it.

One of my favorite memories when I was 5 or 6 years old, was when my Dad took all my sister's and my stuffed animals (and we had A LOT of stuffed animals) and hid them ALL out in our backyard. Then my sister and I spent the next hour searching for them, hidden in bushes, under swings and in flower beds. After we found each and every stuffed bear and doll, we brought them inside and my Dad took our picture. I can still see SO vividly that photo in my head. My long, wind blow hair is pulled back in a blue headband and I have my arm around my sister who has a sweet smirk on her face (and a bad perm in her hair).  I often wonder, if my Dad did not take that photo, would I remember as clearly what a wonderful day it was?

I hope my boys look at these photos one day and have faint memories of the fun we had together.

Love & Light,


My muffin man.

Don't eat the muffins at our house! They have been tampered with. 

Cole painted a ladder and slide.

Okay. From my previous recyclable post, I understand I am not the only "recycle bin stalker". So what does this say about our family? STOP BUYING SO MUCH CRAP!


  1. Really!? You had to bring up the bad perm? Geez...why don't you just post some pics from my fat stage, too. I gotta start reading these things more you do tend to embelish.

  2. Holy Cow!!! Cole is a fantastic artist!!!!