Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enya versus Eminem

The witching hour (anytime between 4-8pm) is often the hardest time of day for a mom. Everyone is hungry, everyone is cranky and everyone wants something from me.  I found that if I put on slow, soulful music like Enya, it is easier to breathe. But yesterday I mistakenly put in an Eminem CD instead of Enya, and to my surprise... I loved it. Sometimes loud, angry music elicits an inner wild child and gives a bolt of energy.  And listening to both Enya and Eminem, some of their songs are delivering the same message, just in different formats. Enya, soft and sweet and peaceful. Eminem, loud and angry and fast. But both trying to connect to our soul, to get outside our heads and to find our own creative rhythm.

Here are some photos of my nephews from this weekend. I did get my Mac today in the mail from my mom. The way she packed this computer a bus could have run over it and it would have made it! Thanks Mom!

Love & Light,


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