Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Cole attended three birthday parties for four of his good buddies this weekend. A few of the parents are good friends of ours so they don't mind if I go a little camera crazy. In fact, they welcome it. I enjoy photographing other children's birthdays. It is so hard for the parents who are entertaining, taking care of logistics and trying to interact with the kids, to pull out their camera and take a shot. I typically never take a photo at my own kid's birthday. I am grateful to have friends that will do that for me.

Have you ever watched a child as all his friends sing happy birthday to him/her? Their face seems to hold such happiness and excitement, maybe a little embarrassment, and pure innocence.  They are truly happy to be celebrating their age with all their friends and family, especially with a giant sweet treat they will devour in seconds. It seems as we age there are many people who have the opposite feeling. We dread the next birthday, we often let a number define our youthful spirit. This weekend, these boys helped me to remember what a birthday should be. Celebrating ourselves.

Love & Light,


I love this photo of Griffin mostly because he was telling this other boy how "please" and "cheese" rhyme.

Cooper turns 5 years old!

Such sweet boys! I love that they are twins but each have their own look and personality.

Avery & Peyton turn 6!!!

Mile's little bro, Owen...

Happy 5th Birthday Miles!

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