Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Boy Bed...

There are so many "firsts" you go through with your kids. First steps, first tooth, first word. And each one I seem to react with an element of surprise as though they happened overnight. Yesterday you did not walk, today you did. Yesterday you did not write your name, today you did.  And it does, it all happens overnight. This weekend is one of Nolan's firsts... a BIG BOY BED!

I have to admit, taking down the crib made me a little sentimental. Okay, I sat in the attic crawl space with my feet dangling down into our hallway and cried like a baby. I know this is our last child and we won't need the crib any longer. I remember putting the crib together when I was pregnant with Cole.  Brian cursed more putting it up over five years ago than he did taking it down. Three months before I was due with Cole, I had the dust ruffle, sheets and blankets all pristinely laid out in the crib in anticipation of my little one. Some nights when I could not sleep with my gigantic belly, I would sit in Cole's room and pull the string on this little musical teddy bear as it played, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was in a state of amazement that I was going to be a mom.

Then one night you go to check on your baby and realize that his teeny, baby doll body now looks gigantic in this once spacious nest. Brian shook his head when I teared up as he powered his drill to take the crib apart. "You have so many other things to look forward to with the boys," he said. He is right. There are so many other "firsts" ahead of us.

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So brave taking a photo of a sleeping toddler...

We took a visit to the Vet's office to get Creed dog's meds. They have the coolest animals there.

This guy creeped out the boys. They said he was staring at them.

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