Friday, December 31, 2010

There are Places...

I remember. I was going to write about New Year's resolutions and how I never make them anymore. Especially after I started reading journal entries from previous New Year's past and to my dismay finding they were the SAME each year. Eat healthier, exercise more, let what other people think bother me less, stop worrying about little stuff, write more, read  more, love more, etc. etc. I realized that these "resolutions" I was making were really life lessons that are never "completed" and checked off your to-do list. You are always working on them.  They are part of our journey, they are what  we carry in our backpack of life.  And as I get older, things do bother me less and I do love deeper and let go sooner. And my backpack gets lighter.

As I was attempting to clean up some disk space on my computer I happened to delete a few THOUSAND photos from the past few months. I am in a numb state of denial, and with the New Year, am applying that "let it go" mantra... So I dug up a few of my favorite old photos from years past. I like to have a photo of myself in a place that I love so when I look at it, I can almost envision myself standing there again. I can breathe in the ocean air or look out at a view that looks as though it is painted.

Wishing you a blessed New Year...

Love & Light,


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  1. So, come back to San Francisco. We're ready for all of you.