Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reuse, Reduce...

Recycle.  I used to run on Thursday mornings prior to the recycle truck making his bi-weekly rounds. In attempts to distract myself from my mind and body begging me to stop running, I would glance at people's recycle bins as I ran. I felt almost voyeuristic as I discovered you could tell ALOT about a family by just glancing at their recycles.  I also realized I was not the only "recycle bin stalker" when a neighbor on a different street made a comment about the number of empty whiskey bottles in our bin. I told her we were cleaning out our alcohol cupboard and then made sure to bury any alcoholic containers at the bottom of the bins from that day forward.

The recycle truck was late today so I was able to scope out the goods as I took Creed dog for a walk this afternoon. I saw boxes from what people got for Christmas, what kind of beverages they drank (do you know they still make Tab?), magazines they read and what kind of toothpaste they use.  I often wonder if I could create a fairly valid profile of a family and their lifestyle just by looking at their recyclables.  It sounds like a good reality show.

I texted my good friend and neighbor Laura to see if I could take photos of her recyclables. One of the many things I love about Laura is that nothing phases her. She knows me well enough to not even ask what I am doing or question my insanity (signs of a good friend). She just says sure and she hopes nothing too embarrassing is in there. And I was a little sad to report, nothing good was visible.

So the moral of the story. Hide your bottles of wine and boxes of cookie crisp cereal at the bottom of the recycle bin and place on top magazines like Newsweek or National Geographic next to organic granola bar boxes. That way "recycle bin stalkers" like me will be impressed with how smart and healthy you are. Only the recycle truck driver will know the truth...

Love & Light,


Hmmm... What does this say about us?

I did not want to get too close to other people's bins. I felt a little weird...

Creed dog prints...

What a car looks like after a trip to and from NY!

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  1. I love reading all your entries...but I especially enjoyed this one. I'm a recycle bin stalker as well....i agree I think it tells a lot about a family :-) Love to you all!