Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please Ignore...

The woman behind the curtain. Yes another Wizard of Oz reference. I am writing this for my girlfriends that have said to me that they feel like such a slacker after reading my blog or they ask me when I possibly have time for it all. I have to smile at this because this is EXACTLY how I felt when a friend of mine started her blog and when I started reading other very artsy, cool blogs by mothers. I would shut the computer off in frustration and dive into an Oreo cookie bag feeling irritated. How could a mother of three do ALL that and make it look like fun?

So ladies, I am revealing the truth about the woman behind the curtain. My house is a disaster. I have not cleaned my bathrooms in probably a few weeks, the laundry is falling out into the hallway and Brian and I have been sleeping directly on the mattress without sheets for 3 days because I said I was going to wash them and I haven't. Brian cooks most nights. I LOATHE cooking. I saw a friend of mine in the grocery store who is an AMAZING cook and her cart was filled with fresh vegetables and whole wheat pasta. I threw my jacket over the bags of nuggets and fries, gallon of ice cream and canned green beans, so she could not see what I was buying. There are days when my kids watch too much television and I have given them cookies after breakfast. When I shout too much and hug not enough. When the boys have not taken a bath in days and I have not showered even longer.  So the truth is, I am far from having it all together.

My point being with so little time in the day, I don't want to spend it doing the things I don't enjoy all the time, like scrubbing bath tubs and toilets. Reading other talented women's blogs (after my initial feeling of failure) encouraged me to do some things that I love, that ignites that creative spark. Things that involve just hanging with my kids despite the two inches of dust on my ceiling fan and a toilet that needs a deep cleaning. I think we don't even realize until we step out of our own worlds how much we do in all the roles we play in our lives. Sometimes it takes a friend or even a stranger's words of praise about something you did or made, or that you ARE "a good mom" before we look back and notice it ourselves. We are so often on auto-pilot and too quick to criticize ourselves for not doing enough or being enough. When in reality, we are exactly where we are supposed to be and we are doing the best we can.

With that, I am washing my sheets now so Brian will be surprised our bed is made. And I might even go crazy and make dinner too! We will see what the day holds.

Love & Light,


I was going to take photos of my overflowing laundry but thought these were much cuter.

These adorable kiddos just make me smile. This family was beautiful.

I love the color of this boy's eyes...



  1. One of the things that I love about you & your ability to recognize the true priorities in life (& cleaning toilets is not one of them ;) ). You are a FABULOUS mother, wife, writer, photographer, free spirit, & of course above all else someone I'm truly honored to call my friend...

  2. The faces of children reflect the purity of life and you have captured all that is pure in these lovely children.