Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picture Perfect...

It has been a busy weekend. I took family photos for two families, shot a baptism and two birthday parties. I have found the best way to learn is to just jump in and do it.  I typically immerse myself in "how to" books, spend countless hours learning my camera and editing software and often times feel as though that saying is true, "the more I learn, the less I know". But I have found the best way to improve at what I am doing is like the Nike logo states, JUST DO IT.

Often times "Just doing it" means getting over your fear of failure, that voice that hides in your head and says, "you really don't know what you are doing", and trusting that it all unfolds as it should. A good friend recently said to me (when I was complaining to her my frustration in learning all this editing software) that she felt my photos captured people's spirit, their energy. By seeking perfection in the editing process, it almost takes away that raw essence of the subject I am capturing. That photos today are airbrushed and edited to complete perfection, when in reality people are NOT perfect, the perfection is in that moment. That moment when the photo was taken, how you remember that feeling when you look at it years from now.

So with that, here are just a few of my favorite photos from various shoots this weekend. These are the  ones I feel capture that liminal moment, that energy, that spirit of the beautiful people I photographed.

Love & Light,


Mina & Hayden

The unbelievably photogenic, Mina.

Hayden & Daddy

A beautiful couple...

Mommy kisses...

Sweet Cole & Daddy


Cole's good buddy, Harry turned 5!!

Virginia McKinnley's baptism . I just love this of Whitney. Her look is one of contentment.

Getting ready to baptize. Mackey and Daddy.

These are just a few of the series of shots I got with Whitney & McKinnley. They are priceless.

Happy 1st birthday baby girl!


  1. Your photos are phenomenal and I LOVE, LOVE your posts!! Just read through several and got choked up a couple of times ~ you'll have to look up doves for me as animal totems...I've "heard" them all my life and it always seems like when I hear them coo - I am usually sad; I've always wondered about that. Let me know if you find anything interesting about that.