Thursday, December 23, 2010

Over the River...

And through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go.  We left Richmond Virginia and arrived in Upstate New York around 2 am Wednesday morning. Just in time for the boys to get a second wind and want to play. There is nothing like driving to my in-laws for Christmas. Their house is like a real life gingerbread house. My goal is to tote my tripod out to the end of their long, windy driveway and get some night photos of their house.

I walked outside today to get some photos of the frozen world. I believe that quote that says "Silence is deafening". Sometimes it feels as though silence is louder than a house of boys. Maybe it is because we can hear our thoughts clearer or because we can hear our breath which we often forget the sound of when life gets too loud. I am giving myself permission to retreat to silence. I love being around family and friends and climbed all over by my boys. But I love just as much stepping outside or in a quiet corner of the house and just being silent.

Here are some photos of some peaceful places.

Love & Light,


And Charlie, my in-law's new puppy. So sweet.


  1. Hi Stacy, just worked my way backwards through your lovely blogs and have this to share, "When the world of myth and theory confuses us, silence is always there, affording us the opportunity not merely to question our assumptions, but to discard them and begin again." John Francis, Planet Walker Happy New Year

  2. I LOVE that! Beautiful... and so absolutely true. I will have to write that down and put in on my wall! Thanks again for your kind words. Hugs to Paula and have a peaceful New Year!!