Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gun Control

Before I had kids, I knew what kind of mother I would be. My children would eat ONLY fresh, organic food, watch limited television if any, be in bed by 7 pm SHARP and absolutely, positively NO GUNS!!

And then I became a mother.

My kids shout for Burger King every time we pass it, they recite Arthur episodes in their sleep, if they are in bed by 8:30 I am doing great and then there are the guns...

I think I gave up on gun control when Cole turned 3. When he would make guns out of his thumb and forefinger, sticks in the yard or any other L shaped object. I researched it, read every parenting book and finally after the advice of my pediatrician. LET IT GO. Boys play with guns like girls play with Barbies. The bigger deal I made out of it, the more negative attention it brought to the subject. I remember playing cops and robbers as kids, and my mom says that her brothers who incidentally are two very intelligent pacifists, were Davy Crockett, gun toteting boys. And my father who would never harm an animal has shot a BB gun or two in his life (and I am sure I get the edited version of the stories).

So, I let it go. As a result Nolan was carrying a light-saber around 18 months, and Darth Vader was one of his first words. Not because he watched it but because his big brother (who Nolan idolizes) is a Star Wars junkie. Brian is sometimes worried the boys will be attending Star Wars conventions as adults and even worse in COSTUME... I assure him it is a phase.

I look at the BIG picture. I have great kids. They are polite, kind and loving. They are empathetic towards others and have many friends. The guns, are just fun for them. They chase each other, they laugh, they fall down and get back up again. Then they put them back in their toy box and go play ball. I have even been known to disguise as Princess Leah and shoot a few storm troopers myself.

This post brings me to the photos for today. We met our good buddies at Bass Pro Shop. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Let's just say Whitney and I were not yelling at our kids to put the guns down. We were laughing so hard at their imaginations, their sense of adventure and the fun that they were all having. Then we put the guns away and moved on to something else.

Love & Light,


The Bandits...

They all laid on the floor at the same time. Whitney and I could not stop laughing.

Lilah-Grace, sweet girl.

Hats & Guns...

Bonnie & Clyde

The Logans...

My best attempt so far at a photo in front of the tree...

Love this one...

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I am kicking myself for not strapping Mack in the stroller and getting these shots!! They are PRICELESS!! What an awesome post too!!! The pic of them all playing dead has got to be my fav.