Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going to Bed

By George Bilgere

I check the locks on the front door

And the side door,

Make sure the windows are closed

And the heat dialed down.

I switch off the computer,

Turn off the living room lights.

I let in the cats.

Reverently, I unplug the Christmas tree.

Leaving Christ and the little animals

In the dark,

The last thing I do

Is step out to the backyard

For a quick look at the Milky Way

The stars are halogen-blue.

The constellations, whose names

I have long since forgotten,

Look down anonymously,

And the whole galaxy

Is cartwheeling in silence through the night.

Everything seems to be OK.

Thank you to my Aunt Janice for sending me this poem. I love it. There are nights when I go outside before bed, taking out the garbage or to get something from the car. And as I hurry outside in the cold night air, I am suddenly stuck by the vast, starry sky and how inhaling the brisk darkness feels as though it is cleansing my body. Sweeping through and collecting all the insignificant worries and replacing it with a serene sense of being. Sometimes we need to recognize how small we are in a universe so large, so as not to take ourselves so seriously. I wonder if the stars look down on us and think the same?

Love & Light,


My niece Payton twirling in her dress for me.

How Brian and I had to dress to get the photo below...

The Chizuk Gingerbread house... It was 16 degrees!!


  1. WOW...that house is AMAZING! All these pics are just beautiful. We miss ya'll!!

  2. These are stunning!!!