Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy Crazy...

So if I wasn't biased enough on how much I love little boys, my girlfriend Brenda asked me to take a few photos of her three boys today. I will let the photos speak for themselves. Let's just say I left thinking I may have to have "the talk" with Brian to really make sure we are done with the babies. I fell in LOVE! There is something about babies, their smell, the way they smile in their sleep, the feeling of them nestled in your arms. I could lose myself just staring at them.  I will make sure to stop over at Brenda's house when all three boys are having a melt down at once and get some photos of that. Maybe that will stop the ticking clock.

Love & Light,


Charlie, Jack and Sam




A shot by the tree.

How could you not fall in love?

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  1. are you KIDDING me with these?!!!?!??!? HOLY HECK! these are unbelievable. you are officially a professional. these are incredible. lovelovelovelovelove. so proud of you!