Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Instincts. I saw this nationally renowned animal intuitive Ted Andrews speak once before the boys were born, when I actually had somewhat of a life outside of motherhood (smile). He spoke about how we all have animal totems, certain animals that show up in our lives for different reasons. Like when we see dozens of  squirrels in our lawn, this is representative of how our mind is just scattered and running all over the place. Or when you spot a rabbit, it is a reminder to freeze and not take action on a decision you are making right now. Or for me, the hawk.

Hawk always appears when I need a reminder to breathe. And some days when I am walking out my front door, rushing the boys to school, carrying armloads of diaper and school bags, trash bags and car keys, that hawk is sitting in my front tree. He is less than 20 feet away and he is making this loud screeching sound. And I STOP. Half in awe that this giant creature is so close to me and half because I know he is telling me to slow down, to chill out and just breathe.

I have friends that have other totems like deer or woodpeckers, each bring different meaning to them when they spot one. I even have a book (okay a few books) that talk about each animal and the message they send. There are times when I see something out of the ordinary like a blue heron that flew RIGHT by my front porch last week and I look up the meaning of it.  This may all be hocus pocus and ridiculous new age beliefs. But what if it is NOT? What if seeing the hawk brings me more peace? Or the woodpecker reminds me to find my own rythm? Or the rabbit tells me to wait a day on making a big decision. Why can't mother nature be sending us messages like this? I think She does EVERY day. Sometimes we are too naive, too skeptical to believe.

So... here is the irony. The sun was setting in our front lawn today and I told Cole I was going to get a few pictures for today's blog post. I had already written the beginning of this post. And as I shot a few photos I looked up and there sat that hawk. It was serendipitous. It was one of those moments where you just knew, it was more than coincidence.

Love & Light,


This is the same hawk that lives in the wooded area next to our house. She visits often.

Jingle Bells..


  1. Thanks Stac, I really needed that this morning! Love you!

  2. great one stace...i will never look at hawks the same :)

  3. Stacy, today's blog is so true to my own experiences and you express the concept so wonderfully. You leave me smiling! Steve

  4. These photos are so powerful! Truly beautiful.