Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

I have always loved the word liminal, since I first read it's meaning in the book Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells.  It just seems to encompass a place I want to be or a feeling I want to elicit.  And I love how it rolls off my tongue when I say it.

The older I get the more I realize that liminal moments are not always the big grande events like weddings, birthdays or holidays, but they are hidden in the every day. Some days when I awake early, before the sun streams through my window, before the boys booming voices fill the room, before I hear a car pass on the road outside... that quietness, that stillness to me is a liminal moment.  My favorite song with the windows down in the car, my boys soft cheeks against mine, and feeling inspired, truly inspired, like when I hold my camera.  Those are my liminal moments....

Today was Cole's last soccer game. Go Lemurs! Not that I am bragging but they were the BEST soccer team all season! Official "scores" were never kept but... we crushed every team.  Okay, so there is a slight bragging tone to that statement but so proud of the boys!! So here are a few photos I took of the cutest boys there..

Love & Light,



  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! OMGOMGOMG....THIS IS PERFECT! Okay I'm not going to continue to write in all caps but that is HOW I AM FEELING. I know you were scared, though there was no need to be, but this is awesome. Its SO you! Your an amazing photographer (yes you are a photographer), an amazing writer, and most importantly and AMAZING mom. I am so so so proud and can't wait to read and follow along! The background is perfect! The pictures at the top are excellent. I LOVE EVERYTHING! I love the taking the leap quote... they are words to live by. And your living it! Can't wait to see you and give you a big hug! Talk to you tomorrow!!

  2. OMG This is so totally amazing, Stacy! But then, I would expect nothing less! The pictures you take have always been so beautiful and your writings only add to the beauty; you are truly going to go places, girl! Someone will see this blog and try to snatch you up for the big time. I've always known you were special-now everyone else will see! Love ya sweetie :)

  3. Stacy,
    Steve & I love your photography, your thoughts and words. I especially love the name you have bestowed on your work. It's very intriguing. By the way, your boys are adorable. We will look forward to seeing more. Bravo !