Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There is Something About...

Christmas time. That song is playing over and over in my head. And yes, there is something about Christmas time. Each year I have similar conversations with some of my closest gal pals about "what is it about the holidays that makes us so emotional?" Is it the stress to get the perfect gift? The baking?  The endless vaccuming of pine needles? The constant reminder to our kids to shape up because Santa is watching? The music about children who have nothing for Christmas that makes you sob? That damn Pampers commercial that shows babies sleeping while playing Silent Night, I lose it everytime I see that.

Despite the way our society depicts Christmas, I think it is about love. Our hearts seem to open a little bit more around the holidays. People smile a bit more, we send cards to people we have not seen in years to let them know we still think about them, we buy gifts that we think our loved ones will enjoy, we eat as a family, we hug, we celebrate together and we seem to miss those people who are no longer with us even more. This is a LOT of emotion to pack into a holiday season. So I suppose it makes sense that we get a little teary when we hear Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Here are some photos to hopefully make you smile during this holiday season.

Love & Light,


Making our first batch of Christmas cookies...

 Cole's creation...

Nolan made a few, ate a few. My kind of kid!

A cup of Christmas cocoa. Just missing marshmallows.

Our tree. I tried to photograph what it looks like to a kid.

This is a cool trick you can do with your shutter speed very low. Take a photo of the tree and then swirl the camera.  Cool.


  1. I heard about the yummy cookies that Cole brought into school for BOTH classes! And tonight when I "baked" some pillsbury Chrismas cookies, Bennett said, "These are not like the ones that Cole brought to school." Ha!Ha! Children are just honest. Guess I'll have to do some real baking soon! :-)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog today. Love it and the pictures, thanks for sharing your talent!

  3. Your pictures and heart felt words are Christmas to me.

  4. Stacy- Love these shots of your boys. Pumped we're going to be seeing you guys for Christmas- Love ya! Greg