Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Tough Questions...

Cole was pondering the deep questions of the world today.  And I was pondering how in the world to answer them. Like, "Mom, when is tomorrow, today?" or "Mom, how do angels get up into the sky?" Somehow the answers, "Never" and "They fly" just did not cut it.  There are many questions inquisitive 5 year olds ask that make me pause with uncertainty. Often times I reflect it back to Cole and ask him what he thinks. But there are times he wants a finite answer and I don't have one.

Author Katrina Kenison wrote, "I realize that my real task is not to imbue my sons with faith or religious doctrine, but simply to create a safe and loving place in which their own souls can unfurl and bloom." She talks about how "adults may feel uncertain at times, searching for a sense of connection with something larger than ourselves. But children are spiritual beings by nature- joyful, inventive, full of faith and wonder".

So I am not going to stress about having or knowing the "right" answers to his questions. ONE... because there is no "right" answer and TWO.. before I can think of a creative answer he is off playing ball. Back to just being 5 years old. Hmmm... I continue to wonder who learns more from these conversations, him or me?

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I took this in Niagara Falls this past summer. It is crazy how small one feels standing next to it.

Sweet Elena...

Today, opening my mailbox. Getting letters makes me happy.

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