Monday, November 8, 2010

One Man's Junk...

Is another man's treasure. Isn't that how the saying goes? When we bought our first house one of things I swore I would have is a big junk drawer. I wanted a place that nothing and everything belongs. A drawer that you can open to find gum, pens, Chapstick, tape, candy and Band-Aids.

As a kid I remember my grandparents had these kind of drawers and my sister and I would find the coolest stuff in there. Butterscotch lifesavers, costume jewelry, playing cards and little knick-knacks that seemed to have no other home. However, where I am going with this story is that since having children, the junk drawer has gotten completely out of control. There are days when it is difficult to shut, and finding ANYTHING in there has become a challenge. It does make for a fun, I SPY game with the boys. Just open the drawer and say, "I spy with my eye".... And they have become very good at finding odd items.

However, as my husband would attest, it appears that EVERY drawer in our house is starting to become a "junk" drawer. The table drawers by the door, our bed side tables, the cabinet in the hall, etc. etc. When Brian asks where something is and I say "check the junk drawer", he usually asks which one. And I give him the LOOK! Yes, I know they are a mess. I know that they are filled with broken Star Wars lego pieces, parts to a game we forgot to put away, keys that go to WHO KNOWS, and just STUFF.

So what brought me to today's blog? I thought my junk drawer would make for a great photo. And my liminal moment is watching my kids as they rummage through it with the same curiousity as I did at my grandmother's house... What sort of treasures, can I find today?

Love & Light,


Cole finding gum...

A nice day for a drive...

How Nolan feels about not getting to drive the jeep first...

The sun was starting to set filtering through the leaves of this tree.  It was a blaze of color and light. Had to grab my camera.


  1. I can imagine you giving that LOOK to Brian :). BTW - your junk drawer is certainly not so junky...

  2. i had a junk drawer in my house as a kid and found something I wasn't looking for every time I opened it.