Monday, November 22, 2010

My First Baby...

Creed. My 85 pound black lab. His name is NOT short for the band or Apollo Creed which we sometimes tell people to spare them the long story. But in a summed up version, his full name is Creedence Mendel which translates into "Faith Repairer". This name was bestowed upon him after Brian's and my first puppy died after slipping his collar and was hit by a car. Thirteen years and I still see the scene so vividly. I was standing across the street and the puppy was so excited to see me and slipped out of his collar to run toward me and was killed instantly. I recall Brian having to pick him up, the driver never stopping, how I dropped to my knees in immediate sorrow. Why does it feel like the hard times in our lives leave such a strong imprint in our minds?

So my mom talked me through the grief and into adopting another dog from the Richmond SPCA. He wasn't the same. He was bigger and much more inquisitive than our first puppy. He was flea ridden and bony. And Brian and I still debate to this day which one of us said, "this is the one". But he was the one. For seven years he was our baby. I won't embarrass myself by giving the details but let's just say Creed ruled the house. He slept in our bed, he laid in our laps on the couch, his warm fur was often my pillow at night.

Then, the first BABY arrived... And despite my fear of not loving my child as much as my dog. It happened. And over a period of five years Creed was bumped out of the bed, off of the couch and the over abundance of love and attention dwindled. I saw the movie Marley and Me a few months ago. I read the book so I knew what to expect. I still sobbed throughout most of the movie. Not so much over the death of Marley but of his relationship with the character played by Jennifer Aniston. That was me. That was what happened with Creed and I.

I need to bring this "short" story to an end. But what made me want to write this tonight was that I dropped Creed off at a pet sitter's home while we travel for Thanksgiving. And I did not want to leave him. I hugged him and told him I loved him but did not want to walk out. Despite my frustration with Creed following me EVERYWHERE I go, his seal like barking when people visit or cleaning up after him in the backyard, he is an amazing dog. He has been and continues to be a very good friend. I am blessed to not only have him in my life but in my boy's lives as well. He teaches them how to be gentle with animals, how to communicate without words and how to love unconditionally. Creed teaches me that we stand by each other throughout all the transitions we have in life, we live in the now, we don't dwell on the past. We love without expectations and we age without fear.

Hug your dog tonight.

Love & Light,


He even plays Star Wars with the boys.


  1. Stace,

    I love, love, love your blog! I can't seem to find the right words except that "You Rock!"
    Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  2. And then you had to go and throw in the dog post. D*mn you, Stacy. Now I'm a weepy mess. Your blog is so good. So so good. Thanks for making each day better with your words. Love love love.