Saturday, November 13, 2010


I believe this is the key to finding balance. Everything in moderation, cliche but true. And at times, moderation is not what the universe has in store for us. It seems the more I long for a lazy, quiet weekend, chaos comes knocking at my door.  Mostly self induced chaos of too long "to-do " lists, laundry that is spilling out into the hall, yard work and "small" projects that aren't really so small.  Toss in a few LOUD boys, a dog with an anxiety issue and unusual short patience and this is a great recipe for chaos. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I just need to learn to find peace in chaos.  And peace could mean locking myself in the bathroom away from everyone for a long hot shower, it could mean stepping outside in the fresh autumn air to take photographs or it could be a full, deep breath.  I did all three this weekend.

I wonder if next weekend I don't answer my door when chaos comes to visit. I will just lie on my couch, drink a glass of wine, play with my boys and just be.  Hmmm... I will have to let you know how that goes.

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,


This is looking out my bedroom window. So bright and beautiful.

My tree fascination continues.

"The moon is following us." says Cole. "I believe you are right!" I say.


  1. sweet sweet sweet Stace! Love looking at your pictures everyday! Keep it up!!!

  2. Stacy, This is by far the best blog I have ever seeen. You take the most incredible pictures (I especially love the trees and the kids). Your writing is just as meaningful and enlightening into your soul. I love it all. I am so proud of you and your work. Love you, Aunt Jane