Saturday, November 27, 2010

Many Thanks...

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my sister Annie and her family in North Carolina. To me, "home" for the holidays does not mean a specific place, but the feeling of being "home" with people you love. Holidays are not always easy for people. Sometimes the expectations of what is "supposed" to be sets us up for feeling let down when the holiday comes and goes. This season is going to be different. I am redefining my expectations of the perfect holiday. I am going to appreciate the little moments. The musician Claude Debussy wrote that "music is the sound between the notes". Kind of like life, the real moments are not the ones we plan. But the "between" moments, the moments that make the music.

Here are some of my between moments...

Love & Light,


My 8 year old nephew Jaxon wrote name cards for the table and on the back what everyone was grateful for. On the inside of the card my other nephew Tye drew their favorite football team logo. It was the best.

Uncle Brian and Drew Bear (My 1 year old nephew).

My brother-in-law Cheyne is an AMAZING cook...

Crazy boys...

Cecelia & Lucy helped celebrate the holidays.

My Sis...

Brian was the Su chef.

Nana & Uncle Norm.

This basket looked SO much bigger than Drew. I had to photograph it.

This kid smiles ALL the time.

Mimosas... A great way to start the morning.

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  1. Stacy, read your blog this morning, went through the whole site. Loved it! Wish we lived closer so I could drop in, have a cup of tea with you as we sit and watch my grandsons play.