Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deep Thoughts...

By Jack Handey. Does anyone remember that skit from Saturday Night Live? They were these series of one or two liners that started out as "deep" thoughts but turned into these ridiculous statements that made you laugh out of pure stupidity.  That is what I was thinking about today as I was walking my dog, Creed, around the block.

My deep thought occurred as I was walking ALONE (minus the kiddos) and was looking up at the sky. I was watching the leaves fall from the trees and noticed how each leaf fell differently. Some spiraled down quickly, some floated down in long drifts, others started out slow, picked up speed and then slowed down again... I was struck by the irony that this was symbolic of how people live their lives. Some of us are spinning and running and never slowing down. Some of us are drifters, letting the wind take us where it may.  Others appear to float with grace and ease and then some seem to be fighting the whole process. Hmmm... Which one was I?

Then that Saturday Night Live voice popped in my head, "Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey".  And I had to laugh at myself.  But the irony still struck me enough to want to write about it.  I think nature sends us signs about humanity all the time but sometimes we are so caught up in our heads we forget to notice. We are those spiraling leaves that fall quickly to the ground, not realizing that we don't get another chance to fall from the tree.  This is our time. So I am going to make a concious effort to slow down my spiral and float with grace for awhile. And then have a good laugh at myself...

Here are a few photos from my front yard today. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Love & Light,



  1. OH STACY!!! I LOVE IT! Every bit, and as I sit here at work first thing monday morning I was not expecting to be so touched and emotional. Your pictures are gorgeous and your writing is beautiful. I believe your wings have grown and your are indeed flying!!!
    Love You!!

  2. Beautiful, wonderful and fabulous ~ you ARE a photographer because it's your passion; you ARE a writer because you want to express yourself in written word; but are you a runner? Can't answer that one, why is ANYONE a runner (hahahah, just kidding ~ you know I can't be sincere but for so long!)

    I LOVE IT ALL - photos, blogs EVERYTHING!!

  3. WOW! Beautiful words! Beautiful pictures! You are a beautiful person and so inspirational!

  4. I don't know which are more beautiful, the pictures or the words. Great job Stacy!


  5. This is a definitely a Liminal Moment MASTERPIECE. You can feel the beauty of each picture flow from one to the other. You capture light, love and happiness which is not surprising due to the fact that it is a mirror image of you. You are blessed with this gift.. now accept it and do what you know best.. Which is Photography, a great mommy, wife, sister and daughter.. But most of all my Soul sista... xoxo Good Luck!

  6. Stacy -
    I am blown away by this beautiful expression of your amazing talent. It captures the essence of you perfectly and makes me feel so honored to be your friend.
    And thank you again for allowing us to be your subjects. Your wonderful work has brought out all of our characters so perfectly and I am thrilled to have these as the perfect record of this time in our lives.