Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bring on the tears...

Today was Cole's Thanksgiving concert at school. There is something about seeing your child performing on stage that makes a parent extremely proud. And I am embarrassed to say that I was glad I had my camera covering my face most of the performance because I could not hold back the tears. Yes, I will be that mom that will be sobbing on his first day of school, his first dance, any type of graduation ceremony and monumental event.  So if he is used to my emotional outbursts at an early age maybe he won't be SO embarrassed on prom night...

I used to apologize for my weepiness, attributing it to a weak emotional circuit of some sort. But I have decided not to do that any more. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the passage of time, by the depth of one's sincerity, by the sadness and joys of the world. And for some reason, becoming a parent has made me even more attune to these emotions. The key I learned in yoga is non-attachment. The emotions are a part of me, but they do not define me. And balance. I try and counter the tears with whole hearted laughter. Parenting continues to provide numerous moments of laughter.

So if the photos are a little blurry you will know it was my inability to focus through watery eyes (and photos were shot from a balcony with a telephoto lens, in tough light and no flash!).

Enjoy the show!

Love & Light,


And my sweet Nolan too!


  1. I LOVE how on the first pic, Cole seemed to be looking straight @ you. He can always find his mom in the crowd. How sweet... Great pics!

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