Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best Friend...

Necklaces. Remember those? The pendants with Best Friends written in the middle and then cut in half for each other to wear?  I think I had a few of those in my early adolescence, each with a different friend! What I desperately want to tell my 13 year old self, is that you really won't have ONE best friend for the rest of your life.  Instead, you have a specific friend you call if you just want to vent, another one you call if you want advice, a certain friend if you need a good laugh or to sing your praises, another one for a kick in the butt and another for that soft push you need to keep going.

I realize that friends show up at various stages in our lives for multiple reasons. Maybe they are here to help us, maybe we are here for them. And it is good that we have a variety of  friends, I think only one person can bare the brunt of my everyday insanity. Yes, Brian you are that lucky man! And the only person I would split that best friend necklace with again. But he gets weirded out if our shirts are too "matchy-matchy" much less a necklace.

So to the photos, what made me think of best friend necklaces today... Cole's "best buddy" Taegan is here today. Cole is blessed to have many great buddies. Each one brings out a different side of Cole. Some he is shy around, some crazier with, some he is the leader, others he follows. Some he laughs at silly knock-knock jokes with others they discuss more serious topics like will they be on Santa's nice list?  Cole and Taegan are both obessessed with the Yankees, Derek Jeter (I am a bit too, for different reasons), Star Wars and anything remotely related to sports. They look out for each other, fight and forgive like brothers and much like "ketchup & mustard" or "PB & J" they just go great together. Cole will have many friends come in and out of his life but your first friendships are special.  This is how you start to learn to be a friend and open yourself up to another person for them to learn too. Even as an adult I continue this lesson.

Love & Light,


Here are the crazy duo...

 And if you think those shots were easy to get.... Here are only a few of my out-takes!

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  1. I have always looked to you as never-ending well of passion, creativity, desire and joy. Now you have made a place we can all come to be blessed by you and celebrate all of your amazing talents and insights. I am so out-of-this-world blown away by what you've done here (and what I know you will continue to do here). Thank you for sharing this. Each photo and each word will help us all find our own liminal moments. Love love love.