Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Brian is a huge Steeler's fan. I have tried for the past 15 plus years of our relationship to show some interest in the game. Every year I think, maybe I will watch the game, try and understand the appeal. And when the LONG, seemingly never ending season starts, I try. I last maybe the first quarter of a pre-season game. And then I think I would rather have a bikini wax or stand in line at the DMV, rather than sit there one more minute. Which kills me because when Brian says "there is only one minute left in the game", this is NOT true. The clock stops, there is overtime, time-outs, etc... It is never just a minute left.

But where I am going with this is... I have two sports obsessed boys. They LOVE football. And I love them. So that means I play football. I listen to them discuss football, I will look through football cards and read player stats. Brian is in heaven with his two Steeler's sidekicks. I am in football hell. But that is okay. They can spend Sunday afternoons parked on the couch watching the game. I can escape upstairs, crawl in my bed and "read" (which Brian says is my code word for nap).

Here are some photos today of one of the cutest Steeler's fans.

Love & Light,


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