Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Leaf House...

I remember the day my mom taught my sister, our best pal Holly and myself how to make a leaf house. I see her in my head with the rake showing us how to align the leaves to design our home. We made our own bedrooms, the kitchen and party room with grande chandeliers and terraces that overlooked the ocean. So today I told Cole and his best bud Taegan that we were going to build a leaf house.  They jumped up and down with excitement. Cole stopped me halfway through my explanation of how we would build the house and said, "You know what would be really cool?" (I thought maybe a large jacuzzi tub in the bathroom or a kitchen with a double oven.) "A football field!" he shouted and Taegan immediately agreed.

So...our leaf house was quickly transformed into a football field. And despite my disappointment in not building my dream house, the football field was a lot of fun. I hope Cole will remember me fondly one day with my rake and my camera showing him how to make a leaf football field.

Enjoy the photos.

Love & Light,


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